I have registered online on the DGR Online portal. Do I still need to send the hard copy of the filled from and other documents?

No. You do not require to send the hard copy of the form.

I can’t submit my application, what could be the reasons ?

Please ensure that you have:

1. Completed the mandatory fields on every page. [Mandatory fields are indicated by a red star (*) adjacent to the name of the fields]

2. . You have uploaded the required documents under the ‘Mandatory Uploads’.

Is it possible to change/update the information provided by the applicant in the online application form, once the form is submitted ?

The applicant can change/update the information till the verification of the applicant is under progress. Once the form is verified and accepted the applicant cannot change any information.

I made an error in filling my online registration form. Do I register again using different email id and fill the new registration form ?

No, the portal does not allow you to register twice. However, you can rectify your error by again logging into your account and use the “Edit” button at the bottom of each session/page till the verification is under progress.

What should be done if the DGR online registration site is not working or hangs ?

All possible measures are taken during the development phase to avoid such a situation. However, such a problem can arise due to internet issues or if a large number of applicants login simultaneously. You may proceed with filling up of the remaining online registration form after refreshing the link or re-logging into your account.